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Qiagen N V. QGEN Stock Price, Quote & News

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It can also be calculated by dividing the company’s Market Cap by the Net Profit. New partnership with Niba Labs to offer customized digital PCR (dPCR) assay design services to biopharma customers // Launch of CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit enabling umarkets forex broker standardized workflow from cell lysa… Slumped 4.5% in morning trading Monday, reversing an earlier intraday gain of as much 1.7%, after the Netherlands-based biotechnology company provided an upbeat second-quarter revenue outlook, citing…

  • In terms of COVID-19 test sales for 2023, we have reduced our initial assessment for about USD 200 million to USD 210 million to a new level of about USD 165 million.
  • And again, there is also something what was very helpful for us in the last 3 years, we shouldn’t forget that we had now many consecutive quarters with a healthy double-digit growth rate.
  • We saw 10% CER growth in non-COVID consumable sales with resilient broad-based demand across both customer classes, life science and clinical diagnostics.
  • So it is important to understand that we are approaching the pre-pandemic baseline for these products.
  • Qiagen NV lost about one-fifth of its market value on Thursday after the Dutch biotechnology company said earlier this week that it would focus on its stand-alone business strategy, rejecting possible suitors.
  • The acquisition offer was terminated on August 13, 2020, having only reached the threshold of 47% of shareholder approval, below the minimum 66.6% required as per the agreement.

Obviously, we are very late because of what I explained in the U.S., and we are not happy with that. But the system, the platform is extremely differentiated. In terms of share buyback, the good news is we got the approval on the shareholder meeting. So we are technically more or less approved for a synthetic share buyback.

At the same time, we need to constantly review what’s the best strategy, what’s the best capital allocation per geographies to push that solution to the market. What is happening is that at this moment, we are in very intense discussion with the FDA to try to push our GI panel, which would be our second panel for QIAstat in the U.S. On NeuMoDx, the situation is slightly different. In NeuMoDx, we had to make a significant choice at the point. It was giving the priority to answering the pandemic volume.

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So it is important to understand that we are approaching the pre-pandemic baseline for these products. Let’s now go through the rest of the income statement. Adjusted operating income was down 7% to USD 136 million from the what is fx choice same period of ’22, reflecting the impact of the lower sales base due to the drop-off in COVID-19 revenues. The adjusted operating income margin showed a sequential improvement from the first quarter and was 27.4% of sales.

Roland or Thierry, can you just expand on the non-COVID China performance down slightly year-over-year, I believe? What did the Diagnostics versus Life Sciences business look like there if you have it? And then how do you see clinical demand finishing out for the year there? It sounds like it’s a healthier environment than in the research review narrative and numbers setting. Second, we are talking about 20 years of medical education, publication around QuantiFERON. Dedicated people on the sales, on the marketing side, on the medical education side with QIAGEN for many years, extremely close relation with all the organization dedicated to the fight against TB, WHO’s and so many others.

In this business, where there are big competitors, none of them have seriously upgraded their solution over the last 10 years or very slightly. NeuMoDx is completely differentiated, better automation, easier to use. You take a DNA result with NeuMoDx in 60 to 70 minutes against 3 hours for our main competitors. True random access, the first platform on the market and the only to this date, where a laboratory can do, at the same time, any kind of sample, any kind of assays and either laboratory-developed test or regulated assays.

QIAGEN’s (QGEN) New API Streamlines Access to BKB Data

And again, also here, finishing that year with an 8% all in non-COVID ex OEM, 10-plus growth rate, I think, is still a very healthy performance. NeuMoDx is fighting against the weight, obviously, of COVID. So as long as we do not stabilize this, it will be growing in Europe in the base business and will be affected in the U.S. because of COVID.

Japan to become the latest of more than 100 countries where QIAstat-Dx is available for molecular testing in diagnosing over 20 respiratory diseases from one patient sample // Generates actionable res… Human identification DNA techniques have evolved greatly over the past few decades, helping to meet huge challenges like in the aftermaths of wars and natural disasters, as well as to support advances in criminal justice. Thanks, Casey, for asking that question because again, you should do my job as well because exactly what I see right now as well. Overall, I think as you said before, that what you just stated doesn’t make us uncomfortable at all.


Our closed automation system drive the use of a broad portfolio of consumables. But keep in mind that some of our sample prep kits are used also manually, so there is a wide range of opportunities for expansion. Those sales are well balanced across Life Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics, where our products carry a healthy, healthy gross margin. And despite some of the more challenging topics in the current environment, both of these markets have a real solid longer-term outlook. The Americas grew 4% CER and were led by the U.S.

Qiagen, Pandion See Activist Actions

As for the currency movements and based on rates as of August 1, we expect a neutral impact on both net sales and adjusted EPS for the full year 2023. For the third quarter, we expect tailwinds of up to 1 percentage points on net sales and a neutral impact on adjusted EPS. QIAGEN is also considered as a top provider of consumable and bioinformatics solution for use with any next-generation sequencer. In those businesses, especially QIAGEN Digital Insight for bioinformatics, we have taken significant market share and delivered strong growth in the most recent years. QIAGEN has over 30 partnerships with pharma and biotech companies for companion diagnostic to help guide treatment decisions. And we are probably the only company able to offer quantitative PCR, digital PCR and next-generation sequencing modalities to pharma company.

You can find the reconciliation of these non-GAAP financial measures to the most directly comparable GAAP measures in our press release and the presentation. History section provides information on new products, mergers, acquisitions, expansions, approvals, and many more key events. IT Client Prospector provides intelligence on Qiagen NV’s likely spend across technology areas enabling you to understand the digital strategy. First-of-its-kind systematic review on the clinical relevance of test values from the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus TB1 and TB2 blood collection tubes has been published // Study including 4,050 subjects h… TUNIS, Tunisia, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — QIAGEN today announced that the comprehensive QuantiFERON immune response blood tests have been recommended for use by clinicians in Tunisia to help …

QIAGEN expands range of digital PCR kits and services for the biopharma industry

We think that really, we are positioned to exceed market growth for the coming years, not only in 2024. Our outlook is for net sales of at least $465 million CER. Adjusted earnings per share are expected to be at least $0.48 per share also at CER.

Qiagen (QGEN) was downgraded to a Hold Rating at Berenberg Bank

The adjusted gross margin was 66.9% of sales in the second quarter of ’23 and down about 0.5 percentage points from the ’22 period. This reflected the overall lower sales levels and the related lower manufacturing capacity utilization. We expect adjusted gross margin to continue at the same level for the rest of the year.

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